5 secrets of male tantric massage

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The specialty of receiving a male tantric massage has to do with the tradition behind the sensations and techniques of this massage. The first appearance of this alternative to reduce stress dates back to India, 5000 years ago and is still valid today.

Hindu and Buddhist practices originate the secrets behind tantra, as a discipline that, in addition to elevating your senses, also promotes spirituality. The bodily pleasure obtained through this technique has different secrets that make it an effective alternative.

Various religions and studies revolve around this spiritual enjoyment that enriches your body.

The hidden secrets of the effectiveness of male tantric massage

The myths and practice of this type of massage are diverse, because tantra arouses a high level of pleasure and sensuality. The effectiveness of the techniques is manifested through the following secrets:

  • Away from negative feelings. To open up to the effects of a tantric massage, it is essential to put aside denial, guilt or other feelings that judge pleasure.
  • Body and psychic connection. The energy that is released and flows through the body gives off a current that causes sensual and sexual satisfaction.
  • State of serenity. It is essential for the massage to work, that there is a serene environment, with comfortable elements so that everything induces relaxation.
  • Accurate movements. This kind of massage causes a call to sensuality due to the slowness that is applied to the massaged area and through deep breathing.
  • Sensory points. Tantric massages focus on providing a totally sensitive experience, for which the intensity is incorporated in key points of the body.

The seductive development of male tantric massage

The hands of the male masseurs Barcelona are essential to allocate relaxation for the back, hips, buttocks and other specific areas of the body. During the massage you can reach the highest point of release without involving a sexual act, but rather represents a sensory exploration.

The erogenous zones are protagonists during this massage, tosearch and find those sensations that completely free you from stress. Western actions break with any cultural and moral prejudice, because this is a body treatment that allows you to feel better.

male tantric massage

Every person is covered by a channel of energetic force, where a connection with the universe is narrowed. Usually, the routine is positioned as an obstacle for a fluid interaction between your body and your mind to occur, all this is restored through this choice.

This imbalance, which does not allow you to connect with the universe, is solved through the sensory responses of tantric massage. The body has up to seven chakras that emerge as a source of energy between the environment, your emotions and your mind.

Keep the health of your body in balance

The body requires an important spiritual, physical, mental and emotional connection, all this adds up to restore your strength in every way. Nobody like the bcn male masseurs will understand these massages. The distribution of the chakras cares for and promotes your physical and spiritual growth.


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