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Tantric massages are based on oriental teachings and are applied mainly through the hands, covering the entire body with essential oils, resulting in beneficial for the skin. A naturist massage is a sensual experience never before experienced and is full of sensations and pleasures that will block daily stress and provide your body with a well-deserved rest. relaxation.

A tantric massage is not performed exclusively by a professional or professionals in the field.

On many occasions it is recommended to strengthen the couple, since the closeness it allows suggests a good option to unite the trust between the two.

7 benefits of tantric massage and its keys

The keys to carrying out a good tantric massage is the environment where it is performed: the light must be dim and pleasant, the place intimate and the decoration careful so that the moment is relaxing and unforgettable.

Confidence and novelty go hand in hand: in addition to being a moment of disconnection, both people must feel safe when starting the massage in order to guarantee mutual pleasure, transmitted by trust.

If you still do not know the benefits of a relaxing and/or tantric massage, from we give you the details below these are 7 benefits of massage sensory.

7 benefits of erotic massage

7 benefits of tantric massage for your health and pleasure

7 benefits of tantric massage that will make you want to do this practice, to improve your pleasure or the pleasure of your partner, in order to get your mind to reach the climax or a state of superior pleasure in addition to bringing benefits positive for your health in general and that of your partner.

  • Stress removal
  • Body intimacy
  • Union and consciousness between body and mind.
  • Helps concentration
  • Improvement of physical well-being
  • Achieving pleasure through tantric massage, putting aside individual needs
  • Improvement in the couple relationship

At Shadamasajes we want you to feel good and that you can relax after a hard day. With each and all our masseuse models which will make you raise your sensations to the maximum. You can choose the type of massage, gay massages by the best male masseurs barcelona or a massage performed by women who will make you feel all the pleasure and comfort we have to offer. As well as a wide variety of massages and therapies so that you finish as new after visiting us.


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