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tipos de masajes sensoriales

Learn about the different types of sensory massages that are available at our Tantric Massage Center in Barcelona. Each of the massage options is carried out professionally, as well as with exclusive sensations.

Choose massages by consulting the available treatments and their details. Behind this kind of massage we implement tantric techniques that allow you to completely relax thanks to the expert hands of a masseur in barcelona

An experience full of pleasure is part of the enjoyment of the massages we offer. Best of all, the massages are developed through respect and knowledge.

Each area of ​​your body can get stress relief, to get more energy. All this makes up the sensory experience in which touch is the main protagonist.

Types of sensory massages

The experience you get from living the massages we develop is guaranteed. From the first moment we pamper you by identifying what you need, so that you are attended by the best.

We have a series of services and resources to meet your needs. You can review the list of tantric and sensory massages that you want to receive on your body.

the types of sensory massages

The time you dedicate to these massages is valuable time in which you disconnect from stress. There is every type of massage for every taste or need.

Sensuality is part of the selection of massages, so enjoyment is guaranteed from start to finish. The exclusivity of the place and the amenities included in the massages guarantee that you have an authentic experience.

Explore the most requested types of sensory massages

Among the relaxing treatments you can choose from are the following:

  • Shada Gold. It is a superior massage that is practiced on a futon, in which positions are developed free of prejudices, with sensual details.
  • Nuru. Through the Nuru gel you reach an unparalleled experience in which you are cared for by specialists who induce relaxation.
  • Gay massage. That hidden side, or the one where they sprout your deep desires, is also consented to by a sensitive contribution of our masseurs, under a treatment between men.
  • Exotic Shada. In this case, the combination with water is a measure to invoke temptation, due to the type of touch that originates from sliding over the body.

Consult and choose the massage that best suits your needs. Above all, when they are practiced in a discreet environment so that you do not worry about anything, and escape from stress.

Tantra at its finest

In the types of sensory massage bcn not only techniques are incorporated, but also an induction to meditate. Therefore, it is developed by therapists who connect with your bodily desires.

Touching your body is a way of touching your essence to put stress aside. Throughout the sensory massages, a bow is implemented over each part of your body, to make a subliminal experience come true, beyond the physical.

We have the necessary elements to boost the fluidity of energy that your body requires. Complement your day to day with the massages available to you.


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