Do you know the benefits of massages?

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beneficios que aportan los massajes eróticos

Do you know the benefits of massages?

It is a more than proven fact that massages can bring multiple benefits for a couple. To start, these massages offer a unique moment of intimacy, in which the couple gets to have an opportunity to forget about all the daily stress for a few moments and focus on feeling the skin and touch of the other, in turn causing a very intense in the couple Do you know the benefits of massages?

What are the benefits of massages?

Among the benefits provided by sensory massages we have:

Mutual knowledge of the couple’s body

The barcelona massages also serve so that each member of the couple can get to know the other person’s body better, and even their own, through In turn, also discover what you like or dislike, that is, it increases in this way the mutual knowledge of the couple’s body and the self-knowledge of one’s own body. Finally, as it is a moment of intimacy and tranquility, the couple manages to increase the desire and the appetite between them grows.

benefits of erotic massages

Increase the connection between the couple

Now this, Do tantric massages help in a certain way to increase the connection between the couple?

Of course yes, by increasing intimacy and knowledge between the couple, the connection that exists between them also increases. If we want to give a massage of this style to our partner, we cannot also ignore that the massages entail or need a certain preparation to enter the environment, such as the conversation prior to the massages, choosing the type of oil that is going to be use, put background music, aromatic candles, etc. Thanks to all this, the connection between the couple is reinforced and creates a new bond of trust in which both will be willing to experience new things in the future. It also increases self-confidence and that of each member of the couple. These are just some of the important benefits they bring



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