Frequently Asked Questions


The yoni or lingam massage comes from the tradition of tantric massages. In these massages, the genital areas are massaged and energised as if they were any other part of the body. In men it is performed on the penis called lingam, while in women it works the vaginal area called yoni, its outer area (labia and clitoris) reaching the G-spot.

In tantra philosophy there is a big difference between orgasm and ejaculation, and ejaculation is thought to be the barrier that prevents a man from reaching true orgasm. Not all men who ejaculate reach orgasm.

To achieve this state of satisfaction and self-control is very important and we must strengthen the muscles surrounding the penis, called lingam, which are responsible for erections and ejaculation. When a man is able to relax and contract the lingam voluntarily, he will not only be able to have longer erections, but he will also be able to control his ejaculation.

At Shada Masajes, we guarantee individualised attention to gentlemen who wish to experience their sensuality without taboos. In addition, the service for couples that we offer in hotels or homes, our masseuses teach couples which are the erogenous parts of the body and how to caress them. In this way, pleasure is prolonged without immediately reaching sex.

At Shada Masajes, we have a massage menu for all demands and budgets. We perform personalized erotic massages and we advise each person which is the right massage according to their needs. In case you are undecided between which massage to choose, you have any fetish or preference, ask us and we will advise you without any problem to solve it without taboo.

We do not offer such a service. Our masseuses are experts in tantric massages, professional and with excellent interaction skills so there is no need for explicit sex.

No, the masseuse only works the man’s body with her hands, breasts, arms, body to body but never with her mouth.

Yes, we perform erotic massages in hotels and homes. Shada Masajes has an additional website where you can choose your favourite massage.

Everyone: men, women and transsexuals over 18 years old. We recommend that you let our customer service team advise you on the most suitable masseuse for your session.

Yes, available masseuses will be able to attend to you. We recommend that you book your massage in advance with the professional as they may be busy or on outings.

Currently, due to the epidemiological situation, no. If they present themselves without an appointment, they will have to wait until they can be seen once the preventive measures of the centre have been taken.

Yes, the photos, taken by a professional photographer, are of our masseuses and are very subtly edited. Therefore, you will be able to choose the one you like the most and recognise her perfectly when you see her.

In addition, the person who attends you on the phone will be able to advise you and inform you if you have any detail or characteristic feature that may make you uncomfortable and does not appear in the photograph, for example, different hair colour, tattoo, piercing, height, natural or operated breasts, etc…

All the people who appear on the web collaborate with us and they are not all in the same place due to the prevention measures that are currently compulsory.

We differ significantly from our competitors because the staff in charge know exactly what our clients need and have extensive experience in the sector.

We do not accept personnel without legal documentation or obliged/obliged to stay with us, our philosophy of success is based on happy masseuses, satisfied clients.

Not only do we offer tantric, erotic and professional massages provided by excellent masseuses, but we also take care of every detail so that you live an unforgettable experience.