How to relax before a sensory massage

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Como relajarte antes de un masaje erótico

How to relax before a tantric massage in Barcelona

Below we give you a series of tips and advice so that you know how to relax before a sensory massage, at Shada massages. We have the best professionals. If you are looking for masseur in Barcelona, our professionals will make you feel multiple experiences, full of pleasure and sensations that will make you relax and enjoy an unforgettable experience .


You have to prepare your entire environment to give your partner the best sensory massage, make it unforgettable. Also, you should take the example of the professionals by viewing their videos on various websites. Keep in mind that you must purchase the necessary items for the sensory massage. From oils to candles that will create a romantic atmosphere for the act. You have to be prepared for everything from using various oils to cleaning objects if everything gets out of hand.

With preparation, you will look very professional, and your partner will admire the effort you put into satisfying him. You must coordinate what you prepare with what you know about sensory massage, give your best in each movement. In the massage you have to go very slowly, let the oil pass through your fingers, and gently touch the body. You can put background music so that your partner gets carried away by each melody, thus creating a pleasant idea. With sensory massages or anal foreplay, you can enhance the relationship experience to incredible levels.

How to relax before a sensory massage How to relax before a sensory massage

How to relax before a couples sensory massage

Sensitive massage is the first option you should take to stimulate your partner before gently penetrating her. With this massage your partner will create a fantasy where they will not resist and will soon ask you to make love again.

You can express a lot of love to your partner with tantric massages using high-quality products . It will feel like you’re trying really hard. With the previous stimulation you will achieve superior satisfaction, very delicious that you will want to repeat every day. Prolong the orgasm with your partner after having gone through the sensitive massage, do not let the connection you created be lost. You have to follow the same rhythm that you had in the massage, with a very slow, cautious and special touch. Your partner will never forget that moment when you showed him how much you love him and agree to try to make him happy.


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