Learn how to give a tantric massage to your partner

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dar un masaje tántrico a tu pareja

Learn how to give a tantric massage to your partner

An average couples massage should have a medium intensity, combining soft caresses with some more intense massages. You can alternate between different methods such as rubbing, drawing figure eights, light tapping, light twisting of muscles, etc. You can also use other parts of your body such as hands, fingers, knuckles, lips, feet, etc.

When performing the massage, it is convenient to follow an ascending order, starting with the feet and going up to the head, focusing especially on the erogenous zones that have a greater number of nerve endings to intensify sexual sensations.

Start with the feet. First one and then the other, make some strokes and semicircular movements on the sole of the foot, then around the rounded bones of the ankle.

Continue through the legs. Massage the entire inner area of ​​the thighs, buttocks and English, focus on those sensitive erotic areas.

Continue up the back. Start at the base and end at the neck, and continue massaging each arm past the shoulders to the hands.

It ends in the head. Massage the entire scalp and sweep over the face using fingertips to caress the lips and forehead. Finish the massage by giving a kiss on the lips.



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