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Our Shada boys will make you feel intense pleasure thanks to the sensations they arouse with each massage. Professional and intense, our guys are specialized in male masseur . Delight yourself with male massages full of pleasure, interaction and passion. Discover a sensitive and unforgettable experience with relaxing gay massages in Barcelona by the best professionals, only at Shada Massages.


Roma erotic masseuse will leave you with a memorable experience. Expert in finding all the erogenous points and transporting you to ecstasy of satisfaction. Enjoy feeling your body tremble with euphoria.
He is a skilled, refined and subtle masseuse whose touch immediately makes your heart race. From his southern voice to his firm muscles, you won’t be disappointed with everything he has to offer. His favorite desire is to slide his muscular body over yours and give you the definitive ending that will make you fight to forget.
With its spicy and interactive erotic techniques that will make you explode in ecstasy, book in advance. Your satisfaction will surely be guaranteed.
Make an appointment now with Rome, you won’t stop dreaming about our talented masseuse.


Eros Tantra Masseuse offers Mastery, gentleness and sensuality as some of the many qualities. Athletic, agile, seductive in his hands you will discover everything that your body still does not know, he will enhance your climaxes, you will learn to obtain more pleasure with his ancestral techniques, qualified tantra masseuse with great experience (woman – man) or as a couple, emotional unlocking through of the climax. Eros will guide you in the discovery of erotic nirvana. Book your appointment with him and enjoy the maximum pleasure!!


Hugo, the Ukrainian erotic masseuse, is all seduction and passion in one person.
From the moment this handsome masseuse sets foot in the suite, he will possess you with his intense gaze and seductive attitude.
Hugo has a harmonious and sexy body, with soft skin, strong and masculine hands, large appetizing legs and buttocks, and a beauty that will be impossible for you to forget.
He is known for his ability to make anyone who caresses his hands reach unimaginable ecstasy.
This sensual and charismatic masseuse promises to be the owner of your most intense and prolonged orgasms. Make an appointment now with Hugo. He will leave you breathless…



Jay Spanish erotic masseuse, he has a true talent to make every corner of your body vibrate in each burning massage. He has strong but soft hands that know exactly where to touch to make you reach the most intense Nirvana of pleasure.
This excellent Colombian masseuse, with a slender, tall and strong figure, hands with an angelic and passionate touch and a warm smile, white and silky skin, sensual lips, he is an expert in awakening all your passions. You will melt in every touch of his hands.
Jay is a very accommodating masseuse and he will always go out of his way to make you enjoy a genuine experience. His sessions are impossible to forget. He is a true marvel of body-to-body massage, and he loves to feel your excited skin in his arms.
Book now with Jay, and let yourself be carried away by these magical hands


Amir Erotic Brazilian/Arab masseuse is the perfect fantasy that you are sure to love. He’s fun, extremely sensual and charming, expert at making you feel comfortable, relaxed and intensely aroused almost at the same time.
He has a slender and smooth body, and hands made to make you reach the most absolute ecstasy of tantra pleasure. And with a face, a smile that will leave you in love, and an intense and sweet look, that will hypnotize you just by entering the room.
Amir is a great expert in interactive erotic massage, with him you will discover new worlds of pleasure and expand your libido like you have never imagined or experienced before. He will awaken all the emotion that you thought was dormant.
Book now with Amir, the new owner of your most intense orgasms.


Colombian tantra masseuse Axel is a true dream come true: Attentive, fun, highly attractive, extremely erotic and sensual and a master with his hands. Made to make you fly in the greatest ecstasy.
Axel is an expert in both massages for women and men, being a true wonder in Lingam endings for men and Yoni for women, making you experience the most intense and prolonged orgasms.
Between his strong and smooth body you will feel like the luckiest person in the world. The most desired person, relaxed and excited at the same moment. You don’t want time under his skin.
Book now with Axel and live the unique experience that he will provide you


Cuban erotic masseuse Jhon is a master of muscular and athletic body massage, our new addition to Shada, thanks to his great skills as an erotic masseuse. A true ebony god, with his brunette color and his muscular body.
This slender masseuse has an impeccable physique, a manly face but at the same time with soft lines, a marked chin, very sensual and attractive full lips and a seductive look that will leave you breathless. As for his body, his marked chest and abdomen and his shapely arms and legs make him perfect for body-to-body massages where you can feel his entire figure dedicated to giving you pleasure.
Jhon is an expert and qualified professional masseuse who knows how to do one of the best sensitive massages you can imagine; His hands, although large and masculine, have a very soft, pleasant and soothing touch, so you will feel your entire body relax under the pressure of his caresses. Specialist in erogenous points, you will be surprised by your body’s reactions to his seductive touch.
Try this great experience with our new male masseuse!


Caio Erotic Masseuse is the mixture of beauty and sensuality, with his muscular body and his masculine features, it will leave you hypnotized. A tall brunette with a body marked by his tattoos, a fierce jaw, expressive eyes, a marvel to behold and if this were not enough, he is sexy, mischievous and seductive. He will take you to the peak of pleasure with his strong hands. His beautiful body sliding over yours sensually, expert in erotic massage whether Lingam or Yoni, complete including your G-spot, elevating your pleasure to the maximum. Awaken your body, your sexuality and your appetites with its erotic massage designed for demanding people, a very intimate experience of connection, flow of energy and overflow of sensuality. Book your appointment with Caio!