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Massages in Barcelona


Shada Essence

60 MIN 100€

The Essence Shada Massage is a sensitive erotic massage full of complications, caresses and pleasure. Our professionals will guide you to the end of the massage with their hands towards your body until you overflow in an intense and very pleasant orgasm. Receptive massage that is performed on a stretcher.

Luxury Shada

30 MIN 80€
60 MIN 130€

Our Luxury Shada Massage is a perfect fusion between physical and emotional pleasure. Our massage is performed with both participants completely naked, with special oils and a total interaction during the massage that will make you reach a pleasure never experienced before.

Exotic Shada

45 MIN 130€
60 MIN 160€

Enjoy our Exotic Shada Massage and experience the sensation of sharing foam and mutual caresses under water with an unforgettable erotic shower. This massage is performed completely naked and using tantric/erotic postures. A unique and special massage that you will want to experience again.

Nuru massage

45 MIN 140€ - 60 MIN 160€

The Nuru Massage is one of the most demanded massages, due to the erotic/tantric postures, the interaction and the sensual massage that our masseuses perform. It is made with a special odorless and very slippery gel that will make your sensation of pleasure exaggeratedly satisfying.

Gay massage

60 MIN 130€

Gay massage between boys that offers the guarantee of pleasure in a completely erotic and interactive massage from the beginning. Undoubtedly, you as a man also want to have new experiences and want to enjoy a special and discreet session out of the ordinary, Shada knows what you really need and performs the personalized massage to your profile


60 MIN 150€

Physical and emotional pleasure

Massages in Barcelona


Shada Divan

60 MIN 300€
90 MIN 375€

The Shada Divan massage is performed exclusively on the tantric sofa for 60 minutes and the following 30 minutes on a futon. Erotic shower, two lingams, sensuality, interaction, tantric postures, etc… The 90-minute VIP massages are ideal for disconnecting, relaxing and enjoying a spectacular session without rushing.

Shada Gold

60 MIN 275€
90 MIN 350€

The Shada Gold massage includes striptease, erotic shower, body to body, tantric techniques and double lingam. You will need time since its minimum duration is 90 real minutes for you and the masseuse. You will receive the excitement and high erotic charge throughout the session that you deserve.

Shada Duo

60 MIN 280€

In the Shada Duo massage you will receive the company of your favorite masseuse for 60 minutes, adding the second masseuse after 30 minutes until the massage is complete. Erotic postures, interaction, involvement, show… there are many ingredients that will make your cocktail the best tasted in Barcelona.


60 MIN 300€ (2 MASAJISTAS)

You will love the fantasy level of two bodies caressing yours at the same time. Shada offers a delicious erotic massage with 4 hands capable of flooding your senses. Delight yourself with those pleasant sensations and experience the interaction of three during the massage. If you like the challenge, we will give you a unique detail, ask us.

Shada Fetish

45 MIN 200€
60 MIN 350€

Shada Fetish is the erotic massage session to choose if you are looking for something different, with games and seduction. Enjoy curiosity and excitement interacting with your masseur. A full session of imagination, with heels, masks, stockings, whips, lingerie. Enjoy to the fullest and make your fantasies come true.


60 MIN 180€

The Prostatic Shada is a term that describes the stimulation massages of the male prostate gland. This type of massage produces great sexual pleasure and has health benefits. Discover a new experience since the prostate is part of the genital system and its contribution is key to the male orgasm. Massage, games and prostate stimulation.


  • EXTEND MASSAGE 50€ (15 minutes)

    Extend the duration of your massage


    Discover an explosion of rhythm and sensuality before the massage. A unique experience.


    Feel the water flow between your bodies. Fusion of sensuality and pleasure underwater.

  • COSTUME 30€

    Indicate when booking and at random our masseuse will delight you with her best erotic fantasy costume..

  • MUTUAL MASSAGE 30€ (15 minutes)

    If you wish to massage your masseuse, 15 minutes within the selected massage to give free rein to your erotic masseur skills.


    If you love pleasure you will surely add this supplement to your favorite massage. Suitable for the brave.

  • FETISH 50€

    Our aim is to satisfy your private wishes, please contact us.

  • NURU GEL 50€

    Add the prestigious authentic Nuru Gel and feel skin to skin with your favourite masseuse with maximum contact.

Water, tea, soft drink or glass of cava free of charge with every massage.