Nuru massage and its properties

Especialistas en masajes

The Nuru massage of Shada Masajes is intended for people who want to live an erotic, sensual and unique experience never experienced with the characteristic benefits of a sensual massage. The main characteristic is the union and complicity with the masseur. Its special gel, the completely naturist massage is performed with the body, emphasizing breasts and buttocks by the masseuse, to make this massage a maximum delight, giving you an experience of multiple sensations and stimulations, so that your mind becomes a whirlwind. of pleasant experiences.

Nuru massage an authentic delight for your body and mind

Masaje Nuru

Enjoy the authentic and moisturizing Nuru gel with which our masseuses will stimulate, caress and cover your entire body, making an indescribable and memorable session. Get rid of any trace of stress while any worry is removed by the nuru gel. The warm touch of our masseurs will relieve any tension of daily life.

Many people are unaware of this type of gel and prefer not to risk the novelty, not for economic reasons but because they are unaware of another type of massage, where pleasure is raised to maximum power, just in one session You will fall in love with the nuru massage and you will want to repeat it again.

Imagine a massage where the hands are not the only instrument. Where the entire body of the masseuse applies pressure to the entire area while sliding on the slippery nuru gel so that you can fully enjoy the nuru massage.

The Nuru gel is made from completely natural elements (seaweed, aloe vera, chamomile…) contributing not only to a more slippery massage but also to the perfect hydration of the skin, without odor or traces of essential oils, being also very beneficial for the health of your skin. The nuru gel is responsible for maximizing the sensory experience of the massage by increasing lubrication between the masseur’s skin and the patient’s body.


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