Secrets of tantric massage that no one has told you

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Secrets of TANTRIC massage that nobody has told you

A tantric massage can be a perfect opportunity to enjoy the pleasure obtained from another person, but it can also help you see and learn how far you can go depending on the situation in which you find yourself. Today we are going to tell you about the experience of a tantric massage and we will give you some tips to keep in mind, in case you are deciding whether or not to receive one and you are still not decided by preconceived ideas that you may have or some fear associated with it. issue. Here are some secrets of tantric massage.

Secrets of TANTRIC massage to keep in mind

Keep in mind that a tantric massage is an experience that increases provocation, mystery, sensuality, elegance and a large dose of pleasure . Would you like to know the reason for all this? Continue reading to find out.

-Sensuality is one of the most fun parts of experimenting with your partner

It consists of feeling that mutual desire that exists between the two of you and there is no better way to show that passion than with an incredible tantric massage.

Currently there is a large number of couples who complain about the little time spent on foreplay, these steps greatly help arousal and enter a sensual environment that makes it easier for them to reach orgasm, that’s why always before concentrating your attention on those areas that receive more tension. A good way to combine relaxing and tantric massages is starting from the back.

-Make a RELAXING atmosphere

Tantric massage involves nudity, so the room temperature must be higher, in addition to making sure that the oils to be used remain lukewarm.

– Choose oils with aphrodisiac effects

Choose an aphrodisiac essential oil and before starting, anoint your hands with it, rub the oil on your palms so that it warms up and penetrates the skin, this will make the touch more pleasant and the hands slide easily on the skin.

– Don’t just use your hands

Body-to-body massage techniques are very sensitive and will give your partner an unforgettable moment of relaxation.

At Shada massages we know all the secrets to take you to experience the maximum of pleasures and the most absolute relaxation.

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