Tantric massage: keys

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Tantric massage: keys

Tantric massage is a practice focused on giving maximum pleasure while releasing all possible stress and accumulated tension, it is a philosophy of life with an oriental origin that makes use of energy to achieve a unique connection with himself. This technique was born more than 4,000 years ago in Tibet and India, it was a way of protesting against the religion that claimed that in order to achieve enlightenment, sexuality should be almost completely rejected.

Here we show you the 4 keys to tantric massage.


1- The merger

It is one of the most relaxing (if not the most relaxing) and slow postures of the Kamasutra, the act is performed using circular and deep movements. The two parties seek pleasure in a leisurely and slow way, greatly increasing energy and finding the perfect connection.



The man sits with his legs crossed and the woman sits on the man’s lap, surrounding his body with her legs while embracing him by the neck. The man slowly lifts the woman to achieve a unique stimulation because it allows greater stimulation of the G-spot, in turn also maintaining eye contact between the couple.



The objective of this posture is to relax by synchronizing a slow and deep breath. You both remain seated, the woman slightly lifts one leg, holding it with her hand, at which point the penetration begins slowly.


4- The mermaid

The woman has to lie on a table face up, keeping her legs extended, remaining at the same height as the man’s waist so that he can penetrate her standing up. Using slow, deep strokes, they both feel and enjoy each other’s warmth along with deeper penetration and connection. Something that can be varied in this position in order to make it more pleasant is if a pillow or cushion is placed under the woman’s buttocks and she raises both legs together in a 90º position.

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