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What is tantra?

The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word consisting of two words: “Tan” to expand and “Tra” to unite.

Tantra literally means “fabric for expansion”. It is a movement of energy within oneself and an exchange with others if you decide to share your energy. There are hundreds of practices and modalities in Tantra ranging from meditation and chakra breathwork to meditation and sexuality. Tantra ceremonies are all inclusive and many people are drawn to the practices in sexuality without realizing that it is only a small part of Tantra.

In short, instead of seeing sex as something “dirty” Tantra sees it as a way to experience the beauty of life and the essence of being human. We like the sound of that!

Also, Tantra can benefit all people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. “As individuals, we develop a more defining connection to our energies.”

How do the tantric positions work?

Rather than trying out a specific set of positions, tantric massage is more of a way to approach sexual and sensual intimacy. Tantric massages involve paying attention to your breath, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in meditation. It can be an individual or shared practice.

A position that helps to achieve this tantric state of mind includes:


This allows you to practice intimate meditation with your partner, which is an important aspect of tantric massage. The couple or therapist lie on their sides facing the same direction, with the length of their bodies touching seven areas of the body that are said to be energy centers, such as the heart, the navel, the “third eye” area on the front, they would be aligned. They can harmonize your breathing: inhaling and exhaling deeply at the same time helps you focus on sending or receiving energy.

If you want to approach your partner about giving tantric massage a try, first explain why you are interested in this experience and how you think you can get closer. It is one of the many tantric massages in Barcelona that we perform with total dedication. If they are also interested, you may want to prepare separately before trying the tantric positions together.


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