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A good sensory massage is an excellent way to connect with our partner in a different way than usual. When we stimulate the skin through caresses, we achieve a way of getting to know our body and, in turn, increase its stimulation.


A sensory massage helps to release stress

Apart from this, we cannot forget that, as indicated by numerous studies, by applying different techniques of masotherapy we can free ourselves and forget about stress, this is the mission of a masseur to achieve it with the other person, introducing them to a state of relaxation and pleasure that allows them to achieve a fuller and more satisfactory intimate state. We cannot forget that at the same time this also helps to alleviate other types of discomfort, such as anxiety and even depression.


Why not give a professional sensory massage session a try?


Among other things, practicing in the intimate sphere will break the monotony, strengthen confidence and awaken sensations that become key to achieving much more intense orgasms. Do you want to have a more passionate and romantic moment with your partner?

If you have never made someone enjoy a good sensory massage and you are starting out as a masseuse in this field, you can follow some of these recommendations if you want to start working in these centers massage

If you are a man, we also offer gay massages for all types of clients.

Recommendations for beginning sensory massage therapists

You can start using neutral oils, remember that for a masseur oils are of great importance so that the hands slide well over the client’s body. You will also need to prepare the environment, each element in the room can be another stimulant to help the person reach a more intense orgasm, you can use appropriate decoration, light aromas or even background music. Finally, do not limit yourself to using only your hands, the person can experience greater sensations not only with your hands, you can also use other parts of your body to increase the pleasure such as your feet or lips.


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