The importance of essential oils in erotic massages

Especialistas en masajes

The importance of essential oils in tantric massages. This is because the vast majority of centers use simple gels that do not damage the skin, like those used in a typical nuru massage and perform the same function but they reward economics. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a variety of gels that, in addition to not damaging, hydrate, rejuvenate or improve skin quality?

Some details about essential oils in tantric massages

The highest quality essential oils have an oil that is considered a base oil, the most common being olive oil that helps hydrate the skin among many other beneficial properties.

aceites esenciales en masajes eróticos

Various studies support that the use of essential oils in sensitive massages contribute to an improvement in physical and mental well-being. The oils are capable of healing the mind and bad moods (such as depression, stress or anxiety). Feeling the contact of an experienced masseuse in conjunction with the appropriate oil is essential to get the most out of each session. Receive all the benefits for your skin and relax your muscles to the maximum with our fine selection of shada oils.

It is true that many problems require the help of professionals but without a doubt this methodology helps to combat them by reducing them considerably; and helping the person to whom it is practiced have a feeling of improvement, relaxation and pleasure as well as being very beneficial for skin health and muscle relaxation, for this reason essential oils in sensitive massages are of great importance , in order to achieve a lot of pleasure, relaxation and a feeling of improvement. The sensation of disappearing tension accompanied by an aroma that contributes to the environment is an infallible combination when enjoying a sensitive massage through essential oils in sensitive massages.

Adding a combination of massage together with the oils help reduce tension or muscle overload as a result of a contracture, applying it directly to the affected area is drastically reduced as they penetrate the muscle fibers, softening the tissue, loosening it and reducing the stress, making the person feel better both physically and mentally.


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