Tricks for a good sensory massage

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Trucos para realizar un buen masaje erótico

Tricks for a good sensory massage

To give a truly relaxing sensory massage, there are a few tricks you can employ. We will show you what these tricks are for performing a good sensory massage.

In the first trick to perform a good sensory massage…

The first thing you should do is make sure that the person you are massaging is comfortable. This means using a surface that is soft and large enough to allow them to stretch out and lie on their tummy.

Place low light

Many people find it helpful to massage in a dark or dimly lit room, as this can help promote relaxation. When it comes to tantric massages, this becomes essential in order to reach a stimulus much greater than those that would normally be had during other activities. In addition, the absence of light has a highly desired effect for any type of massage by causing the concentration to divert from what is seen to what is felt.

Trucos para realizar un buen masaje erótico

Play relaxing music

It may also help to play relaxing music in the background. Music introduces the mind of the person who is going to receive the massage into a state of tranquility, which we seek with the aim that he completely forgets all the stress and problems of his day to day. day that may have accumulated. It is well known that the right music at the right time can lead to complete immersion in any experience, creating a greater stimulation of the other senses.

Other tricks for a good sensory massage

Once you’ve set the scene, you can begin massaging the person’s neck and shoulders.

– Use your hands to apply gentle pressure, working out any knots or tension.

– You can then move down the person’s back, using your hands, fingers, or elbows to knead the muscles. Remember to pay attention to their signals; if he seems to be in pain, lighten your touch.

– Finally, finish with a light touch, using the fingertips to gently rub the skin. By following these tips, you can give a massage that will leave your loved one feeling truly relaxed.

When it comes to tricks for a good sensory massage at sensory massage barcelona, things change slightly. We will continue with all the aforementioned procedure and adding to this that we will have to focus on the sensitive areas of the body. With this we make the pleasure intensify and, if an orgasm is reached, it will be much more intense than usual. It ends up being a unique experience and one that we know without a doubt that you will want to repeat. Our hands will take you to new sensory frontiers in terms of pleasure and relaxation, whether you are receiving a gay massage or any type of stimulation. If you are wanting to enjoy a barcelona gay massage, do not hesitate to contact us.


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