What is a tantric massage?

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Surely you have ever heard about “receiving a tantric massage”, and it is common that you do not know what it is about. Do not worry, below we will explain everything behind this type of massage, its benefits, tantric techniques and its different postures.

Massages in general are underestimated, because they really are treatments that offer you an unparalleled degree of relaxation. That final result ends up being ideal for your health in all aspects.

Trying this relaxation alternative is something worthwhile. As much as doubts or questions arise at first, but when you check the sensations it causes you will change your mind.

Get to know the experience that this massage provides. So you can take that big step towards the tranquility that your body needs.

Everything you need to know about tantric massage

Tantric massages are considered as a set of Neotantra techniques. In other words, it brings to life a Western philosophy that performs a type of sensory yoga on your body.

The orientation of this massage focuses on the awakening of spirituality, based on the functioning of the genitals of the human being. To do this, an arduous training of the guiding hand is undergone to demonstrate the basic aspects of tantra.

These practices are part of metaphysics, because they induce you to magical thinking. All thanks to the balance between energy and carnal desire.

The release of stress from your carnal thoughts or fantasies is an ideal means. A tantra fits with a very comfortable and pleasant feeling.

The goal of tantric massage

This kind of massage does not pursue a particular goal, but works as a means of relaxation. It induces you completely in your deepest desires by connecting with the fullness of your interior .

The development of tantric techniques does not seek direct satisfaction, but a meditation, a complete process. It is conceived as a type of culture with different tantric positions that you can meet in Barcelona.

Tantric massage

The definition of these massages has to do with a deep state in which you relax, and you can enjoy sensuality. This is achieved under the stimulation of the physical, sensory, mental and spiritual points.

The benefits end up being acclaimed, due to the proven ability to reduce the degree of stress. So, it is a good alternative to take the tension out of your body.

A beneficial massage for your health

The anxiety reduction that you can obtain with this kind of massage is part of the guarantees that you find. Likewise, the relief in the face of different chronic pains and depression is what most attracts attention.

During the massage you will forget everything, because you will be in a state of deep relaxation. Because, the movements you receive are slow, smooth and progressive.

Bare skin remains in contact with techniques that reduce back pain, chronic ailments, fatigue and much more. Therefore, you should not live with this type of condition, but you can try what this massage offers you right now.


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