3 ways to give your partner a tantric massage

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Behind all the sensations that are part of a good sensitive massage, the interest arises to discover more methods. There are several ways to do a tantric massage, each one has its own benefits and reactions . For this reason, it is worth exploring the proposal and contribution of each technique.

As you experiment with the diversity of sensations these massages cause, you will know which one to choose. This directly favors your relationship with your partner, because you can try to replicate what you feel during a massage session. Knowing this type of massage in depth expands your mind completely.

What benefits does this type of massage generate?

The tantric massages are an ancient form of therapy that combines massage techniques. With elements of meditation and breathing to achieve a state of deep relaxation and harmony in the body and mind. This technique originated in India thousands of years ago and has been practiced ever since as a way to improve health and well-being.

It has many advantages to practice tantric massages. First of all, these massages help to reduce stress and anxiety by releasing tension and relaxing the body and mind. In addition, they can also help improve blood circulation and increase energy and vitality. It works like a reactivation of your body.

Tantric massages are also an excellent way to improve sleep quality and reduce headaches and other forms of chronic pain. It maintains a great ability to improve sexual life. These massages can help release tension and block energies that may be negatively affecting sexual life.

By eliminating tension, immediately the chemistry or coexistence with your partner improves significantly. It helps to improve self-confidence and increase sensuality and emotional connection with oneself and with others. For this reason, it becomes a solution for multiple situations.

the ways to do a tantric massage

The ways to do a tantric massage

There are different ways to do a tantric massage, and each one may have a slightly different approach. However, some of the more common techniques include gentle muscle manipulation and pressure on specific points on the body, as well as deep breathing and meditation.

One popular technique is lingam massage for men, which focuses on the genital area and helps release tension and improve blood circulation. For women, yoni massage focuses on the genital area and can help release tension and enhance sensuality and emotional connection. There is a gender distinction when applying these massages.

Another popular technique is the full-body massage, which covers the entire body and focuses on releasing tension and improving blood circulation throughout the body. This type of massage can also include breathing and meditation techniques to help achieve a state of deep relaxation.

Consult more tantric massage options by going to a professional site, private and with trained masseurs at your disposal.


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