The best tantric positions to achieve pleasure

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mejores posturas tántricas

The effectiveness of massages can be measured through the best tantric postures, they are differential and offer you a route out of monotony. The physical and spiritual relationship that your life needs is part of the rituals and tantra techniques that have a positive influence on you.

Through the tantric methodology, the improvement of your life in all senses becomes a reality, from energy to mental and physical balance. Your intimate life can change completely when you receive attention to your body of this type, it is a practice with numerous results that completely relax you.

The transmission of energy that is transferred from one person to another, is possible through the postures that are carried out.

What are the best tantric postures

Experiencing tantric techniques would be nothing without focusing on the postures that make that environment full of pleasure that you need a reality. In some casesit can be a fun escape from all the negative aspects, through the materialization of these positions:

  • Vaidhurit. This is a posture in which the person must be lifted by the legs, while passing over the arms, until it is moved from right to left.</li >
  • Padm. In this case, the person should sit with their legs completely crossed, while surrounding the body of the other person, then they start circular movements on the other person resting their hands on the shoulders .
  • Panipash. The masseur takes the person’s feet and she also takes the masseur, to slowly start the movements.
  • Yugamapad. The patient should be seated with his legs open, after the masseur starts to work, he can squeeze and contract his thighs.
  • Unpapad. In this position you must be seated while the masseuse gently rises to lift one leg with his hand.

the best tantric postures

Learn more about the effectiveness of the best tantric postures

The well-being that emerges from the tantric postures is authentic, as it is a connection between your creativity and the libido that lives in you. All this in the long term improves the way you interact with your partner, increases the chances of reproducing.

At the same time, it becomes a way to have an incredible time, disconnected from problems and opening space for personal growth. The conscience is released from all kinds of pressure by submitting to the virtues of this massage.

It is interesting how an ancient philosophy has a direct effect on the alchemy of your body. The libido energy that emerges from you is capable of opening your eyes to start enjoying the physical benefits that are part of you.

Any spiritual or physical tension is completely minimized with these types of postures. To expand the action that is part of your inner desire, you only need to consider a stimulation through tantrism, where the duration of the encounter is prolonged and your energy rises.


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