Sensory massages as massage therapy

Especialistas en masajes

Tantric massages and massage therapy can be a good option for people with chronic pain or discomfort, but it can also be an option for people who need an escape from the stress we bring to our bodies on a daily basis. .

Treating yourself to a sensitive massage is the best option as long as you have the essential technique and art offered by the professionals who perform this type of massage, which is applied to the body through the hands and body yourself, thus making the body relax and enter a state of pleasure and calm, which will make you feel renewed.

But what are tantric massages really like?

These consist of providing clients with new experiences and sensations to stimulate the senses, since it is a sensitive massage, where only the hands and emotions are used to relax your body, where relaxation is the protagonist.

These massages consist solely of causing pleasure, and for clients to concentrate on feeling very strong emotions through them.

los masajes eróticos

There is a great variety of tantric massages among them we can mention:

  • The Nuru Massage: Which is one of the tantric massages most requested by clients, it consists of performing it on a special latex cloth, individually with the therapist or the client with their partner , a massage session where both with their naked bodies will be placed in it with the application of a specialized professional gel for this type of massage, beginning what will be an incomparable experience that will consist of massages and movements that are performed with the same bodies and hands, generating a lot of pleasure and enjoyment for those who practice it.
  • The nuru massage; is the most sensual massage due to the effect caused by the application of the gel used in its sessions, soft and slippery which also helps to hydrate the skin, making you enter a of pleasure that you have ever experienced. Thus, the most sensual and pleasant massage of all our services offered.
  • The luxury shada massage: This massage consists of a fusion between physical and emotional pleasure, just like the Nuru massage, this is performed with both participants in the naked body, with special oils, which are the main element in these therapeutic sessions, which will make our clients reach a maximum experience of pleasure as well as having benefits for skin health.

All the massage techniques applied in the realization of this art

Tantric massages are carried out by highly qualified professionals in the area, guaranteeing our clients an experience never lived before that they will be able to enjoy and that they will want to repeat for their enjoyment.

We offer you masseurs of your choice (female, male and transsexual) who will offer you the best tantric massages full of professionalism. The choice is part of the process to make you feel in control of the experience and that your mind only focuses on the here and now in the arms of the warmest pleasure and comfort.

In massages that are applied as a couple

We teach you to use all your senses to reach a high level of sensitivity by activating all your muscles, helping you to experience the greatest of pleasures. In the hands of our masseurs you will experience how your body releases tensions that you did not even know were there before through sensitive massages.

Tantric massages consist of soft and deep fundamental movements to achieve high levels of arousal and stimulation for each person. They are an experience that few give themselves the opportunity to live, but even fewer are those who, after trying the sensitive massages, do not want to repeat the experience.

Tantric massages are becoming very popular. What could be more relaxing during or after a busy day? Get a first class sensory massage treatment in a comfortable and relaxing environment with double volume massage tables for total comfort. In the end, it all comes down to our dedication to providing the best combination of stimuli to your senses, creating an experience that you will not be able to stop remembering with pleasure.


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