Male erogenous zones

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Male erogenous zones

The erogenous zones are those parts of the human body that are usually more sensitive to touch, which in turn, thanks to sufficient stimulation, are capable of causing pleasure and even reaching a climax by causing a stimulus .

Erogenous zones of men

If you know the male erogenous points you can start at the beginning to achieve a great improvement in life as a couple. We tend to have the wrong perception that man has only one place of pleasure. But if we can understand that the penis is not really the most important sensitive area, we will be able to achieve greater pleasure during intercourse.

Achieve greater pleasure during relationships

To achieve this, the first thing we have to do is completely forget about the most common topics. When we talk about male sensuality, completely forgetting about the rest of the man’s body. Due to this, different complexes are often caused in men, which do not allow them to expand and see everything that can be achieved in an intimate relationship. When we understand that there are more erogenous zones in the male body, we will achieve greater satisfaction as a couple, improving to a great extent.

Here we will name some erogenous zones of the male body…

So that you can use them with your partner and thus intensify the moment: The nipples, the ears, the neck, the lips, the thighs and buttocks, the anus and the Pyrenees. Go ahead and explore those parts of your male body as a couple and you will see that the sensation will be very different from the usual ones.

If some healthy habits are maintained, we create a guarantee that we will have a good improvement. Men often do not know their full potential, but once they discover it at the hands of a gay massage Barcelona they see that they can get to achieve incredible stimuli.

There are various ways to reach full pleasure, either by stimulating the sensitive areas, as we also do in our massage barcelona center, with barcelona male masseurs, professionals trained for this work. Although we are not a line of erotic hotels in barcelona, you will enjoy a good tantric massage.

erogenous zones


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