5 types of oriental tantric massages that you did not know

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masajes tántricos orientales

Venturing to receive a massage has a lot to do with the variety of options such as oriental tantric massages . These are recognized as a source of vital energy and are replicated throughout the world.

Specialization and professionalism are two requirements that are part of this kind of massage. To get a deal of this level, you can check the services that we set up for you.

Tantra skills are improved every day to amplify the pleasure behind each massage. You can carry out a moment of meditation with the massages that we develop.

One of the distinctions of oriental massages is the location of energy. If you are interested in this kind of massage, we present some tantric massages that follow this purpose.

Oriental tantric massages

Performing tantric massages makes the meaning of these massages come true. Since, “tantra” means tissue, and in the massages a continuity of stimuli on the skin tissue is given.

Oriental physical pleasure is reflected in the following types of massages:

  • Kundalini. It is the release of unbalanced energy, to avoid any damage, where the meridian channels release that vital energy that you need.
  • Nuru. It is a massage that comes from Japan, in which the masseurs use their body to achieve a sensation of relaxation on the sensory areas of your body.
  • Shiatsu. It is characterized by being a type of massage in which pressure is applied from the hands to the most sensory areas of the body to send a stimulus.
  • Zhi-Ya. It has to do with complete attention to your body in which blood circulation becomes much more fluid, eliminating any trace of pain.
  • Tui-Na. Focuses on correcting any tension in your body, through sensitive techniques that bring out the best of your body.

The different oriental tantric massages are not only tempting, but also therapeutic. Therefore, they can give you that feeling of well-being that you need.

Receive the best oriental tantric massages

Forget about tension and stress thanks to the action of our tantric massages in Barcelona. In which we incorporate a professional intervention without overlooking any sensitive point of the body.

Oriental techniques exert a fusion between pleasure and medicine. For this reason, you will leave like new after receiving a massage of this kind, through experts in this area.

oriental tantric massages

The use of oriental stimuli allows you to keep stress away from your life. At the same time, this relief translates into a stay without pain or imbalance in your body.

Once you don’t feel that weight of stress on you, you will feel the difference in your health. Therefore, from sensuality you can perceive positive changes in your energy and daily development.

Relaxing oriental techniques

Try some of these oriental massages in our offer. We assure you that you will manage to feel relaxed and that favors you in every way.

Reduce routine problems with the power of oriental massages. From Barcelona it is possible that you hire professional assistance to receive and feel the stimulation that your body deserves, we offer gay massages or hetero massages so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Feel the closest thing to an erotic massage in Barcelona and enjoy an authentic tantric massage.



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